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Cost control is key in today’s corporate environment, and transportation costs are more important than ever, as is ensuring that fleet management is done efficiently and the fleet mix is optimum. iTracking Asia’s Fleet Management Solution helps businesses save money while also allowing them to grow their business and improve customer service.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to driving change. Our team includes people who have developed and maintained successful multinational transportation companies. They know everything there is to know about the industry, including how transporters think and what works.

Reduce Maintenance Cost
Monitor Fuel Consumption
Optimize Fleet Mix
Improve Fleet Productivity
Improve Delivery Reliability
Reduce Lead Time


No Contracts - No Lock-In

You only pay once a month for each asset added to our system. There are no long-term commitments or hidden start-up costs.

With our expert advice, you can concentrate on growing your business from one asset to millions.

No long term contract
Low investment for using iTracking Asias tracking system

No Big Investment

We handle all data collection and processing, so you don’t have to invest heavily in data infrastructure. Because we use both cloud and on-premise servers,
our uptime is as close to 100 percent as you can get.

This will allow you to focus on expanding your business. Reports can be generated on-demand or set up to be sent to the appropriate people on a regular basis.

App's for Android and IOS

Business environments are becoming increasingly mobile.

As a result, iTracking Asia now provides two mobile Apps that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store.

The first app is a tracking app, and the second is the DriverLink app, which allows you to communicate with staff while they are on the move.

iTracking Asia mobile communication App DriverLink
iTracking Asia provides a platform open for many devices

Hardware Agnostic

You, the client, are not forced to use a specific device because our platform allows us to be more solution-oriented, which means we can tailor-make the best solution for each client.

Our approach also allows us to easily integrate data collected by our system with other systems using an API.

Some of our features

Fuel monitoring

Task management

Temperature monitoring

Geo Zone setting

Alert generation

40+ standard reports

Route generation

Follow in real-time

Driver Link

Fleet efficiency management

Driver behavior analyses

Maintenance module


Logistics & Transport

Track how many Km vehicles are driving, and get notified for vehicle inspection, and monitor fuel consumption via our software and hardware.

Heavy Equipment

Minimize downtime on heavy equipment is key to achieve the decided return on investment, as well as knowing equipment is in the right place.

Static Assets

Knowing that assets are being maintained at the right interval, ensures downtime is kept at a minimum and returned can be reached.

Staff Support & Safety

Support to staff on the road makes them feel they are part of a team, and if something should happen someone will be there to support them.

Container Management

Knowing where containers are makes administration much easier, and free up resources for business development.

VIP Transport & ACC Detection

Running a fleet of cars with a positive return requires an efficient fleet management system, as well as a maintenance system.

Should any of the above examples not fit your business scenario, please fell free to contact us, via the form under Contact Us, as we most likely will be able to tailor make a solution fitting your needs. 

Mobile App

Our Mobile Go App can be used in conjunction with a hardwired tracking system or as a stand-alone solution. 

The added functions of our Mobile Go App is communication is happening in one place and not spread over many different applications, as well it easy to see and assist the work force on the go.

Work force

Ensure that there is efficient time management, planned route forwarding, digital form access, and timely communication at work.


No matter where you are, keep an eye on and manage the drivers and fleet cars. Every piece of information you need will always be accessible.

How do you connect

GPS tracking screens from iTracking Asia

After being registered as a client, you will receive your access credential to access the system. 

The system is available for PC & Mac or Tablets using web browser, and Mobile devices by using our App for either Android and iOS, see above.