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Mobile labor force

Ensure that there is efficient time management, planned route forwarding, digital form access, and timely communication at work.

Support Mobile workeforce with iTracking Asia Go App

What Are the Possible Benefits for You?

Your team has access to a multitude of tools and alternatives with the GO mobile app to improve the efficiency and transparency of corporate operations.

A Space For Communication Within Your Team

Use the integrated messaging tool to stay in touch with your staff at any time or place. Your team can stay in contact by utilising workspaces or direct communication and information transfer. Includes a quick, easy-to-use interface designed to use less data, as well as an archive to ensure nothing is lost.

Assign Scheduled Routes To Ensure Smooth Operations

Utilizing the smartphone app, create routes and send them to your drivers;

  • Give your drivers the freedom to open the navigation app of their choice.
  • Incorporate remarks and files into the itinerary.
  • Utilize the integrated smartphone tracking feature to pinpoint your driver’s location at any moment.
  • Examine reports and cut back on overhead
  • Prevent any discrepancy between the distances that are planned and driven.

Monitor Employee Tasks

Monitor the workload of your staff and their daily output. View times, locations, and any additional comments or forms that your staff members have added from the point of clock-in to clock-out. Additionally, monthly workload reports will be very beneficial for determining wages!

Inspections: Fast and Simple

To stay on top of fleet maintenance and cut costs on easily avoidable repairs, use the vehicle inspection tool. Your drivers will be able to perform and report on the status of the vehicles with ease thanks to the mobile app’s simple interface!

Transform Typical Paper Forms Digital

Utilize digital forms that staff members can fill out from their mobile devices at any time, anywhere to streamline workflow. It will help both your business operations and your sustainability goals because it offers extensive customization options and round-the-clock access.

Mobile App for Android and iOS

Every driver and field worker in your organization will be able to use the GO Mobile App as it is compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems.

So give us a call or contact us on the contact form for more information and a free trial.