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Heavy Equipment

A good Fleet Management System is essential for managing Earth Moving Equipment, Heavy Equipment, or Rental Equipment. Because this equipment is very expensive, downtime must be kept to a minimum in order to achieve the required return on investment.

iTracking Asia provides a platform and an app that address these issues, making it simple to manage and allowing management to focus on how to grow their business.

The platform and App allow for real-time asset tracking, reducing downtime, and ensuring assets remain in the locations they are supposed to be via advanced Geo fence tools. It also includes fuel management tools and the option for a service management system. It is also possible to track the usage of the equipment and create maintenance schedules. The system allows you to set conditions for the various parameters, and information can be sent via email or SMS in addition to being displayed on the screen.

Seen from the Management

  • New tasks to the operators of the equipment should be easy to assign.
  • During the operation, there is also the need for making updates to schedules and tasks for the operators.
  • If needed, it should be possible to send updates in real-time.
  • If an operator needs additional information, he should be able to sent requests instantly.
  • Is assigned equipment at the right locations.
  • Is maintains made at regular intervals.

Seen from the Operator

  • The most important thing for an Operator is to get clear and detailed information about the tasks.
  • Being able to completing the task as scheduled, leaving the planning for managers.
  • Using an easy to under App which can assist either for route navigation or receiving instructions on what to do.

Identification of Operators

  • The platform makes it very easy to identify an Operator.
  • Evaluations on driver performance and behavior analysis is made easy, helping in reducing the operational costs.

Communication with and Back-Office

  • The platform and App makes it possible to reach Operators instantly.
  • Documents or photos can be sent between the back-office and Operators
  • If information has to be sent to a group of Operators, it can easily be done via the platform.
  • Making use of a fast and user-friendly platform optimize the data use.

Key Features

Maintenance Module

The platform has a maintains module making regular service easy.


The Geo-fence tool makes it easy to locate assets and also be alerted if assets leaves a site.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel monitoring is made easy.

Speed Control

Keeping an eye on the speed improves the safety on the site.

Driver Behavior

Looking at driver behaviour improve safety and the lifetime of the assets.


The system has more than 40+ reports which can be created on demand or created a scheduled report sent via mail.